Deep in the heart of our world lies Alluria. A quaint trader post surrounded by gentle rivers. Alluria meets the ocean where travelers who pass may catch a ship to different areas of the world. Or they may set up shop and be a successful entrepeneur in the city. The city is dotted with little cubbies and nooks to explore, a fishing hut to enjoy a quiet fishing venture or many other attractions.

Players spawn in the warrior's arena of Alluria. It's where they start their epic adventure and become true Bedrockers. Out from the arena are the admin shops where players can browse, buy or sell items. This will help to set a standard for the economy to keep it fair and profitable for players. After you pass through the admin shops, there is a bridge to the player shops. It's the heart of Allluria where players may run around and browse through shops, buy goods, fish, explore and prepare for their adventure beyond the city walls.

Outside the city, past the player marketplace, is the port of Alluria. You may board any of the ships that go to the other lands. When you go below deck, you will be teleported to a new area. For now, we have Alluria and the surrounding world, but will be adding many more areas to explore.